Sales of Antivirus Software

Okayway has a partnership with some antivirus company in some company like 'e Scan and kaspersky, so, we supply antivirus software for the protection of your computer system in your organisation. Whenever you need antivirus like 'e Scan or kaspersky, okayway is the right company to go for quality antivirus.

It is part of our franchise to give you a balanced diet in all we do… we thought it wise that selling computers, laptops ,androids, tablets and all stuff to sell all that we protect your investment and your privacy.

We are SILVER PARNER to ESCAN antivirus and security software and reseller to kaspersky antivirus and internet securities. Click here

Antivirus Products


'e Scan Antivirus

We provide security for you computer system by selling an antivirus that protects your system from virus and threats. 'e Scan antivirus are of different types which include 'e Scan antivirus with cloud security, 'e Scan internet security, 'e Scan antivirus for corporate edition etc, Okayway sale and supply 'e scan antivirus to organisations because we have a silver partner with 'e Scan.

kaspersky antivirus

When discussing about protection for for computer system, protcting your files on your computer system from viruses either from input devices like flash drive, card readers or internet. Kaspersky antivirus can't be left out. It is a good antivirus for protecting your system from viruses, so, okayway® helps to supply kaspersky antivirus to organisations.