Solar Energy

Sales & Installation of Solar Energy

Okayway sales all kind of solar energy products and also install solar energy system for homes and organisations. Solar energy is a good source of electricity, to have one install for your home or organisation, call okayway for one. You can as well call us for other products like sales inverters and solar street light.

When buying gadgets like inverters and or solar gadgets and machines … you need to be careful and don’t let adverts or pictures lure you to lose your hard earn money. Come to OKAYWAY. Where we have the experience, we have been in this business for a while and we have over the years learnt so much that when you buy from us you are buying peace ! We would give comfortability, that is scalable, affordable, upgradable and yet portable for your needs. We have full engineering / installers in our company to handle this without any doubts or compromise. We can do solar security lights to your house and compounds. we can automate it also to power on and off at given times. It is very useful these days, it will make believe somebody is always at home and that will be another security sense.

Solar Energy Products


Solar Street Light

Okayway usually sale and install solar street light for urban towns and city. Street light that are powered by solar energy and often bright at night. To have quality solar street light in your home, town and city, call on okayway® to have quality solar street light products.

Solar Panel

One of the best form to generate electricity is through solar energy. It is a cheap means of generating electricity, it consume no fuel and it is noisless. We at okayway have quality solar products at a cheap price and also professional technician that can help you to install a solar system in your home or organsation.




Inverter is also a good way of generating electricity and using it whenever there is a disruption of electricity from the power supplier. It requires charging the inverter and using the reserved power when needed. We at okayway® helps homes and organisation to get a inverter of higher volts, so, bank on us for your inverter..